Foam Party Safety

UK Foam Parties take safety very seriously. All our events are conducted in a strict safety conscious manner. The foam fluids we use, are of the highest quality, they are not toxic and have been dermatological tested to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients.

We have worked closely with health and safety executives and put together our own best practice for Foam Party events to minimise health and safety risks.

For all our events we:

  • Provide Public Liability insurance.
  • Conduct Venue suitability assessment – where viable
  • COSHH reports for our foam fluids.
  • Venue risk assessment.
  • Slippery floor and stair warning signs.
  • Entry warning notices / disclaimers.
  • Advice as to safety and manpower deployment.
  • First Aid kit
  • Eye wash facilities

If we are not 100% happy with the health and safety of venue, customers and our staff,

No foam will be produced!

We strongly recommend that anyone with soap allergies does not enter the foam.