We have an array of foam machines for hire.

Our equipment is maintained ,reliable and supplied with an experienced operator.

The Foam Cannon

The foam cannon with its variable output is able to shoot foam 8 to 10 meters into the air and onto the crowds.

This Cannon is suitable for all venue sizes indoors and out.

With 3 of these in our arsenal we have the firepower for all occasions.

The Foam Generator

The foam generator is generally hung in the lighting rig. Creating large volumes of foam, flowing down onto the crowd.

This generator is suitable for medium to large clubs, where volume of foam is required

With 2 of these at our disposal foam can be spread around larger clubs / rooms.

The Goliath

The largest foam generator in the UK. This has an awesome output of foam. filling even the largest of night clubs in a few minutes.

Hung from the ceiling or standing on its feet this machine produces massive amounts of foam.

“Not For the Faint Hearted”

With 2 of these, we can generate enough foam to engulf all venues.

“With the above armoury we have the ability to cause a massive foam flood anywhere”

UK Foam Parties only use the best equipment and the best foam fluids.