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One of the most asked questions is:

what do we need to do to the venue before a foam Party?

The below list should be used as a guide, we will recommend what to do before we arrive at your venue. If practical UK foam parties will endeavour to conduct a site visit to verify suitability and preparation of your venue in advance.


Check Floor - Foam does contain a high content of water. If it is a wooden dance floor is the surface sealant or varnish still intact.If it is a vinyl floor covering check and seal any cracks or holes to stop any water penetration.

Electrics - Check plug sockets and cabling that might come into contact with the foam. Seal any sockets with silicon sealant or duct tape. Remove or reroute tailing leads. Isolate at the main any suspect wiring or cabling.

Base speakers, Electronic games - It is best to raise and speakers off the floor out of the way of the foam, if this is not possible then a good solution is to wrap the fronts with industrial shrink wrap or low cost plastic dust sheets held in place with duct tape.

Lights, Decorations- The Foam machines blast the foam with the use of strong fans. Decorations can get blown about, check that they are secured well.

Cloak Room- Your customers will appreciate somewhere dry to leave coats and jumpers and maybe even valuables. Some clubs even supply or sell small plastic bags for their customers to keep valuables, phones and cameras dry, whilst dancing in the foam. Some even going as far as providing foil space blankets as clubber leave to keep warm on the way home.

What will UK Foam Parties need from us.

Arrival - We will need accesses to the venue, before you customers arrive so we can set up and prepare our equipment. We will need power and lighting for our set up and testing.

Water - We do not need a continuous water feed as we use tanks to supply or machines. However we will need a water supply / tap, to fill the tanks when setting up. We can use most taps (toilet push and release taps are not suitable).

Power - Our machines run on domestic 240 volt sockets. Depending on the machine or machines we may need more that one, to split the load on your electrics.

More information, guidance and advice will be given by UK Foam Parties

on booking of your event.

UK Foam Parties

Can provide additional:

Safety Lighting

UV Lighting

Non-Slip Floor Coverings

Warning Signs


Foam Party Clean Up Service is available.


UK Foam Parties

can give helpful guidance to you staff on the best way to clean up

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